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Availability of Information Requirement (Draft)
February 27, 2009

The County of Sonoma seeks to make its web sites accessible to all individuals. The Web Site Accessibility Standards and Guidelines (Standards) is designed according to principals intended to further that goal including standards from Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (§ 1194.22).

These Standards are designed as a guideline and resource for complying with the County of Sonoma’s Web Site Accessibility Policy.

Text of Alternate Format Standard

Each site shall contain a contact mechanism such as an email link so those individuals who have trouble accessing any portion of the site can report the problem to the site´s Webmaster or a designated individual. A link to the following text must be available on the homepage and navigation links for each web site.

This required statement comes in 3 parts:

  1. The opening paragraphs:

    The County of Sonoma uses the Section 508 standards as guidelines for pages within our website. We are actively engaged in the ongoing process of testing, developing, and updating our website for compliance with these accessibility standards.

    If you have a disability and the format of any material on our website interferes with your ability to access information on this site:

  2. Department specific contact information, in the following format (links to Driving directions are optional):
    Name|Title, Department
    xxx Administration Drive, Room x
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    (707) 565-xxxx
    (707) 565-xxxx
    (707) 565-xxxx
    CA Relay Service:
  3. The closing paragraphs:

    To enable us to respond in a manner that will be of most help to you, please indicate:

    • The nature of the accessibility need
    • Your preferred format (electronic format, large print, etc.)
    • The web address of the requested material
    • Your full contact information, so we can reach you if questions arise while fulfilling your request

    For more information, refer to County of Sonoma´s ADA Title II Equal Access Information.

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County Implementation

The required statement has been saved in a generic file for the convenience of web contributors. Below are the instructions for including the generic text.

Note: Include statements are commonly called Server Side Includes (SSI).

As the name implies, the exchange of this text is executed at the server level. Static HTML pages (.htm or .html extensions) are not capable of executing Server Side Includes.

To use include files, you must name the file (in this case the "Accessibility Assistance" page) using a dynamic extension. We recommend .asp.

  1. An HTML file has already been created for the opening paragraphs (see #1 above). The path to this file is: /webstandards/includes/accessibility_required_text1.asp.

    To include the opening paragraphs in your page, type:

    <!--#include virtual="/webstandards/includes/accessibility_required_text1.asp"-->

  2. Create an definition list <dl> to contain the contact names and phone numbers or copy the code below and correct the generic information:

    <div class="indent2em">
    	<dl class="tableLayout titlePercent20">
    		<dd><a href="link to your contact us form">Name|Title</a></dd>
    		<dd>(707) 565-xxxx</dd>
    		<dd>(707) 565-xxxx</dd>
    		<dt><abbr title="Telephone Typewriter">TTY</abbr>:</dt>
    		<dd>(707) 565-xxxx</dd>
    		<dt class="titlePercent20"><abbr title="California">CA</abbr> Relay Service:</dt>
    		<dd class="titlePercent20">711</dd>
  3. An HTML file has already been created for the closing paragraphs (see #3 above). The path to this file is: /webstandards/includes/accessibility_required_text2.asp.

    To include the closing paragraphs in your page, type:

    <!--#include virtual="/webstandards/includes/accessibility_required_text2.asp"-->

  4. The following styles must be added to the CSS file to support the sample code and include files:

    /* new styles for contact info */
    .indent2em {
    dl.tableLayout {
    dl.tableLayout dt {
    	padding:.5em .5em .5em 0; 
    dl.tableLayout dd {
    	padding:.5em 0 .5em .5em}
    dl.titlePercent10 dt, dl dt.titlePercent10 {
    dl.titlePercent10 dd, dl dd.titlePercent10 {
    dl.titlePercent20 dt, dl dt.titlePercent20 {
    dl.titlePercent20 dd, dl dd.titlePercent20 {
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Best Practices

Create an "Accessibility Assistance" web page that includes the required elements. Then link to this page from every page on your site.

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